Transition Bro Gwaun

‘Instead of sitting back and wringing our hands about climate change we get our hands dirty – we set up and grow local, practical projects that the community wants, and the natural environment needs’

Transition Bro Gwaun

From Wednesday 3rd of July 2024, our office at 8A Main Street in Fishguard is open to the public every Wednesday 4-6pm and Thursday 11am-1pm. Please drop in to say hello and find out about TBG and our ambitions to generate enough local renewable energy to power the whole of Fishguard and Goodwick by 2035.

Transition Bro Gwaun is a grassroots organisation, connected to the global Transition Network. We set up in 2008 and are based in Fishguard & Goodwick on the Pembrokeshire Coast, South West Wales. TBG initiates and develops localised, community-based projects that make best use of resources such as food, reduce use of fossil fuels and harness renewable energy.

TBG draws volunteers from the community; they work alongside the small part-time staff team to deliver innovative projects that others often consider impossible. Our small size belies our impact: we provide evidence and information for others to follow and we have an international reputation and reach.

TBG is moving communities towards a more sustainable future, delivering imaginative, influential and innovative low carbon projects.

  • Abergwaun Community Turbine (ACT) is the first community financed wind turbine in Wales supported by Welsh Government development funding
  • Fishguard and Goodwick Community Fridge was and is the first community fridge in Wales
  • Community Climate Fund (CCF) is using income from ACT to give grants to businesses and groups across North Pembrokeshire to set up practical climate action and biodiversity projects and the 3rd round of grants have just been awarded.
  • Garment Repair Café is a Garment Repair Café running every 2nd Friday from the Oceanlab in Goodwick
  • REAP stands for Renewable Energy Acceleration Project and will explore, asses and develop a range of renewable energy initiatives for community benefit
  • Egin is a mentoring programme that will help community groups develop Action Plans to make changes that will benefit the environment and help them gain access to funding

We have been running numerous other projects since 2011 that are now concluded but which have given TBG and the community many benefits and a wealth of experience and skills.

They include the probably best known of our past projects, the Transition Community Café, the first Café in Wales making use of surplus food from local businesses between 2013-2017.

To find out more about the Café and all our other past projects, choose ‘Past Projects’ from the top menu.


Transition is an international movement of communities coming together to reimagine and rebuild our world. Since 2005, thousands of groups have emerged in villages, cities, universities and schools in more than 50 countries.

Transition is about people taking practical action together in their local area to address the big challenges they face. Between us, we are building a more equal, sustainable and democratic future.

Transition in England and Wales is supported by the Transition Together project.