As well as reducing food waste, our Community Fridge volunteers  are helping to recycle plastic waste. TBG has joined the Terracycle scheme and we now have  collection points at the Community Fridge on Thursdays mornings and at Fishguard Farmers Market on Saturday mornings. Information about the Terracycle scheme and what can now be recycled in our area are here 

Terracycle in Fishguard

Please help us to spread the word and encourage people to use this service as it will help to raise funds to keep the Community Fridge operating.

Transition Bro Gwaun

                             A community initiative

Transition Café

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Abergwaun Community Turbine

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About Transition Bro Gwaun (TBG)

Instead of sitting back and wringing our hands about climate change we get our hands dirty – we set up and grow local, practical projects that the community wants, and the natural environment needs.

TBG is a grassroots organisation, connected to the global Transition Network. We are based in Fishguard & Goodwick on the Pembrokeshire Coast, South West Wales. We initiate and develop localised, community-based projects that make best use of resources such as food, reduce use of fossil fuels and harness renewable energy.

TBG draws volunteers from the community, who work alongside the small part-time staff team, to deliver innovative projects that others often consider impossible.  Our small size belies our impact – we provide evidence and information for others to follow and we have an international reputation and reach.

TBG is moving communities towards a more sustainable future, delivering imaginative, influential and innovative low carbon projects.

An introduction to our Energy Projects

Transition Towns, an introduction

Highlighting Transition Cafe’s achievements between June 2013-Nov 2017

Transition Cafe film shown at COP21 in Paris, 2015

Heading for extinction and what we can do about it

In this public talk speakers will share the latest climate science and evidence of ecological breakdown, discussing where our planet is heading and what together we can do about it. The media is starting to cover these issues: David Attenborough’s documentaries; news coverage of Extinction Rebellion and the school strikes; the latest reports on biodiversity loss and climate change.

Come along to find out more. Everyone is welcome.

There will be time to ask questions and you’ll hear about the Extinction Rebellion movement and how to join. Speakers include Becky Seale who has been involved in Extinction Rebellion since October 2018.  She has had an interest in environmental issues for over 30 years and spent 15 years setting up and living in a  permaculture based housing co-operative in South Wales.  As a counsellor and trainer, Becky is particularly interested in the focus on regenerative culture that is key focus of the work of Extinction Rebellion.


Venue available

Gateway Hub, our shared premises, is available to hire. For further info please contact Jana, gatewayhubinfo [at]


Fishguard and Goodwick Community Fridge is open Mon – Sat around 10am-5pm. Find out more here


  • Heading for extinction and what to do about it

    In this public talk speakers will share the latest climate science and evidence of ecological breakdown, discussing where our planet is heading and wh...

    May 31 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm at Abergwaun Gateway Club

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