R – Renewable
E – Energy
A – Acceleration
P – Project

With the help of Welsh Government funding, we are driving forward the development of  community renewable energy projects in the Fishguard and Goodwick area –   to explore, asses and develop a range of new initiatives. An important aspect of this work is to extend renewable energy expertise in our area.

Our aim is to work with our community to make local renewable energy available  at a fair rate and to generate enough renewable energy to power our community by 2035.  In order to achieve this we are:

  • actively working to repower our existing Wind Turbine from 225kW to approx 500kW
  •  investigating options for community – wide rooftop solar roll-out – in the immediate term piloting with two local dairy farms
  • Investigating the feasibility of a substantial hydrogen generation project linked to a ground-based solar array
  • initiating a community engagement strategy and community energy plan to achieve our ambition.
Paul Cowley, Senior Project Officer for REAP, contributing at the Community Energy Wales Conference 2024. TBG’s wind turbine, the community climate fund and our plans for the future were all showcased at a session about Community Led Energy Systems.

The REAP Team

We have volunteers and paid members of staff working together on this exciting project who we hope to introduce in a bit more depth very soon:

  • Tom, Chris, Mike and Martin are our REAP volunteers
  • Paul, Cali, Ed and Lynda are our funded members of staff

If you want to know more about REAP and our ambitiuos plans or even get involved, please contact us via our enquiry form.